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You cant delete polls. This is awful


I am only here for free my apps credits lol


Im here just for that m8

Free My Apps

Here for credits.



Polls are fun

This is fun, you can voice your opinion on someone elses poll, or create your own to see what other people think. The ability to add audio and video to your opinion can really make it stand out from the others.

Dark Knight vs Darth Vader? DARK KNIGHT!

Haha… this is such a great app! Dark Knight for sure… This app is one of the BETTER voting apps. Its like "This or That" but better! I can comment with my voice saying why the Dark Knight is better. The best part is that the virtually everyone can participate… its not just a tap and vote and move on. Its tap, vote, engage, and debate why your opinion is better! 5/5

Super fun!

I am having a blast with this app! You can pair up any two things for an epic battle! Superman vs Hulk. 80s fashion vs 90s. Going into space with an alien vs staying here. Psy vs MC Hammer. Rock vs scissors And you can attach pictures or video and add audio using your mic. Also, its just fun voting on stuff!


Boring app and not very easy to use.

Great social app!

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There using you....

App is the worst!

Its a full time gay app! Just kidding its great!

I like the app its pretty awsome!!!:)

Its a nice app to have!!!


I will hacked freemyapps


Stupid and dum

Needs an Update.

Its a nice idea for an app. Its too bad it crashes. I have played with it for 10 minutes and it crashed 3 times. Its also slow.

Joshs app sickr huh chub HDTV feh

Banana is so so cool man!! Nah, Jk I dont know why Im doing this. Bye bye


Not even remotely interesting.

Great app

I know this app from freemyapps

Cool design

I liked the design of the app

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